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Yet Another List For You To Ponder On

Determining the top 10 culinary schools in the United States is, of course, a subjective matter. There is more than one way to decide what the top school is, and everyone might have their own different set of criteria to judge these various schools and programs on. Some people might put more emphasis on the prestige of the school, while others might judge the programs on the chefs that have attended them, and others might be more interested in the programs teaching with more innovative techniques or using the best equipment. The following list of the top 10 culinary schools,
These are the top 10 culinary schools in the United States of 2009 according to the Chef2Chef community
  1. Texas Culinary Academy, Austin TX
  2. Culinary Institute of America - Hyde Park Campus, Hyde Park NY
  3. French Culinary Institute, New York NY
  4. JNA Institute of Culinary Arts, Philadelphia PA
  5. Scottsdale Culinary Institute, Scottsdale AZ
  6. Grand Rapids Community College, Grand Rapids MI
  7. New England Culinary Institute, Montpelier VT
  8. Orlando Culinary Academy, Orlando FL, 21 votes
  9. The Art Institute of Dallas, Dallas TX
  10. Johnson & Wales University, Providence RI
Now, if this were a list of the top 10 culinary schools in the world, it would be a completely different matter altogether. The Cordon Bleu in France would most likely be at the top of the list, for starters, as well as several other prestigious schools throughout Europe, Asia and Australia. The Culinary Institute of America would definitely still be on the list, but smaller schools like Grand Rapids Community College would not. But if you're going to attend culinary school in the U.S., these are the schools more professionals recommen

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Top 10 Culinary Schools in the World


Cooking is an art and there is no debate about that, if you can throw together some lip smacking varieties, your talent is sure to get recognized, as you can work your way towards being recognized as an outstanding chef. To hone cooking skills and to let your art of cooking do the talking, culinary schools become the right source. Cooking needs innovation as well as expertise, which in turn stresses the importance of undergoing proper training as well getting imparted with education. The culinary schools fit into this scheme of things and provide the enthusiasts with appropriate styles related to cooking different cuisines. The top culinary schools are the ones that offer top class instructors, finest facilities, job placement assistance, food service operations, credentials as well as that of practical cooking sessions.
Here is the list of top 10 culinary schools that serve as springboards for getting your career as a chef launched.

Culinary Institute of America

The Culinary Institute of AmericaCulinary Institute of America in New York is a reputed culinary school, and the faculty at this college includes Master Chefs. They have churned out more cooking graduates, and it isn’t difficult to spot the leaders pertaining to the food industry that have had their learning stint here, and students at the Culinary Institute of America spend nearly 1300 hours in the bakeshop or kitchen, which provides a strong base to enhance their cooking skills. A bachelor’s with CIA or that of associate degree pertaining to culinary arts is considered to be an unmatched credential, and Culinary Institute of America is one of the top 10 culinary schools that open windows of opportunities to get launched into your profession.

French Culinary Institute of New York City

French Culinary Institute of New York CityFrench Culinary Institute of New York City happens to be a culinary school that is known to be provides unmatched higher learning with respect to culinary arts, and you can also come by a top-class faculty here. Their unwavering commitment, passion to provide superior quality, and the good faculty has enabled this reputed culinary school to produce culinary leaders, who come here to hone their craft as well as to shape their dreams. The FCI campus is situated in Soho, and the training provided at this culinary school that is one of the top 10 culinary schools is just world-class, and the curriculum here gets designed mostly by famous chefs who have carved a niche for themselves.

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute

Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts InstituteAs a renowned culinary school in Canada, Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute’s rich history pertaining to gastronomy makes it an ideal venue to get initiated with that of a top rated culinary arts education. They possess world class chefs, as they also offer programs that embrace extensive varieties as well as courses that satiate the enthusiasts looking for valuable education. Obtaining Le Grand Diplôme Le Cordon Bleu is also possible, which is known to many among the culinary professionals, and Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute also never fails to put you in the right path as when your profession is concerned. As one of the top 10 culinary schools, the well rounded education from this culinary school equips you with the much needed knowledge to register success in our profession.

Johnson & Wales University

Johnson & Wales UniversityJohnson & Wales University is an institution that harps on practical experience as that can be gained in classes, which are based upon the needs related to the demand of the industry. An Associate Degree in that of Culinary Arts from Johnson & Wales University not only imparts classical techniques and fundamentals, but also provides an insight into creativity and critical thinking. Graduates from this university have gone on to register roaring success in their career, as the Baking and that of Pastry program also get conducted by some top chefs. This is one of the top 10 culinary schools that possess professional and modern kitchens and grand facilities for that of the students.

New England Culinary Institute

New England Culinary InstituteAs a known culinary school, New England Culinary Institute provides personal attention to the students, and the programs at this culinary school has been designed to provide training as well as practical experience, where you get instructed by top class Chef Instructors, and to enhance your cooking abilities, New England Culinary Institute happens to be a perfect choice. Students have to come good under working conditions that are similar to real life situations, and if you have set your dreams to become a chef, a pastry chef, food & beverage manager, and other professions related to cooking, the professional degree from this culinary school that is one of the top 10 culinary schools helps you reach the desired destination.

California Culinary Academy

California Culinary AcademyAn exciting career awaits the individuals who take up extensive training at the California Culinary Academy, where your creative side related to cooking blossoms as in a way to achieve what you have dreamed about, and that is to become a top notch chef. The California Culinary Academy unveils training through professional chef instructors as well as other culinary professionals, and you’ll get provided with equipment and techniques that are modern, and the practical education designed at this culinary school that finds a place in the top 10 culinary schools is sure to lead to you an exciting career.

L’Academie de Cuisine

L’Academie de CuisineL’Academie de Cuisine cooks up your culinary career, and you are sure to get equipped with classic French techniques, with the training sessions conducted by renowned professional chefs. As a premier culinary school situated in Washington, the L’Academie de Cuisine provides professional training programs entwined with precious externship experience. Students get instilled with top class skills and knowledge at L’Academie de Cuisine, which is one of the top 10 culinary schools, and to don the role of top chefs from thereon is going to be a dream that gets fulfilled.

Tante Marie’s Cooking School

Tante Marie’s Cooking SchoolSituated in San Francisco, Tante Marie’s Cooking School helps you reach your goal of becoming a baker or that of a culinary professional, as your culinary knowledge is sure to increase as while you take up a culinary course at this renowned culinary school. The Participation Courses at Tante Marie’s Cooking School provides opportunities for the students to cook under the supervision of top chefs, and as one of the top 10 culinary schools, it helps students to embark on a successful career.

Kendall College

Kendall CollegeKendall College offers Bachelor of Arts pertaining to Culinary Arts Degree, as the students are taken through fundamental as well as advanced cooking techniques and the graduates get prepared for food service operations as well as for that of fine-dining kitchens. Students at the Kendall College are prepared to launch into successful careers, as they also glean knowledge related to the current trends prevailing in the foodservice industry to enjoy a successful career. As one of the top 10 culinary schools, Kendall College offers Culinary Degree that equips the students with knowledge, and also with practical experience to make a mark in this field.

George Brown College Chef School

George Brown College Chef SchoolGeorge Brown College Chef School is one of the top 10 culinary schools that has earned recognition for developing culinary graduates who have attained top status in the culinary field. Located in Toronto, externships at this reputed culinary school is a good experience to work with top notch chefs, and you also get to know the current industry demands through the programs that get offered at George Brown College Chef School. You can get a certificate, diploma as well as that of post-diploma level courses at this top culinary school.

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Where to Begin?

How Do I Get Started In My Culinary Career?

You love the hiss of the stove and the clanging of pots and pans. You can stand the heat but know you can still get burned, and you love to spend your time in the kitchen. You are ready to launch your culinary career, and that means you need to earn a culinary degree, if you read my past blog posts you will see I have listed some of the top culinary schools in the United States, Canada, Europe and more to come. So you’ve made the decision; it’s time to go to culinary school. But how to begin? No worries I am here to help in your search. Below you’ll find the Who, Why, What, Where and How of studying the culinary arts.

You, of course, that’s who. What do you want out of culinary school? Do you have a specialty in your mind? Take some time to consider things. Do you prefer working with desserts and sweets? Do you want to work in a four-star restaurant, or would you prefer a hotel or some other institution? Do you want to manage other chefs, or be left free to work on just your special area? Are you good at taking direction, or do you prefer to lead the way? Knowing where you want to be in the kitchen is critical—your culinary degree will help lead you in the right direction. This really is all about you and since you will be spending so much time earning your degree in a certain area you better make sure you enjoy the area you will be studying.
All of these are important factors to consider before moving forward. A good exercise is to sit down and write down answers to the questions above a pros VS. cons list if you will. Culinary school is challenging, and knowing your strengths and weaknesses before you go in is key or you may be miserable just because it wasn't really what you were truly interested in learning. Take the time to really dig deep and understand yourself before taking the next step.

This is important: WHY do you want to go to culinary school? Are you fulfilling a life-long dream, or simply following the expectations of your parents or friends? Are you hoping for a stable career and a culinary degree is the next step down that path? Whatever your reason, if you are doing it for yourself and the dreams you hold for your life, you are more likely to succeed. Anyone who persues what THEY truly enjoy will be more successful then doing something you dread all day, so if you don't like cooking that much or it seams like a monotonous task you don't care to do everyday this most certainly is not for you.

As we already discussed in the “who” section, the “what” of the culinary arts all comes down to specialty. There are so many options in the culinary world that you need to take some time and consider what it is you love about the culinary arts and study that area extremely close.
Many of you may have already been working in a kitchen as either a short-order cook or a line chef. If this is true for you, then you already know that if you want to rise through the kitchen ranks you will need to earn a culinary degree. But what is your long-term goal? To be sous chef? Executive chef? Master Chef? Or would you rather open your own bakery? Maybe you’d like to be the one that transforms that elementary school’s menu into something all the kids will like, day after day and every day.
Whatever your hopes and dreams, it’s important to spend plenty of time considering them and making sure that you are starting down the path that will lead you where you want to go. For instance, even in you love making cakes and pies, studying to become a pastry chef will never get you the title “Executive Chef.” Be clear what it is you want to achieve, and then use your culinary arts degree to do it.

This question is just as important but much more practical. Do you want to stay close to home, or are you eager to explore other places? Does your culinary specialty have a preferred institution, or can you attend anywhere? Do you want a place where you can live on campus, or would you rather live off-site?
The first step, of course, is to find out the best institution for your specialty. Then you can check out the best local options as well as visit other locations. What culinary school offers the flexibility you need? When visiting an institution, be sure to check out the surrounding neighborhoods and the services they offer. After all, if you are going to spend a lot of time in that area, you will need more than just what the culinary school offers—after all, you’ll also need to eat and shop!
Secondly, you should spend some time researching how the institution assists its graduates. Does it have a strong career center? How about their job placement office? Once you’ve graduated you’ll need some assistance taking that next step. Check out how they will help you.
Once you have all this information, you will know which culinary school is the best place for you.

Ah, how may seem like the biggest question. How will I get in? How will I pay for culinary school? How will I manage to work while going to school?
Luckily, in this day and age there are as many diverse options for earning your culinary degree as there are students. You can go to school part-time and keep that good job. You can go to an accelerated degree program, and possibly even take some courses on line. If you want to get some real one on one training you will want to attend a top notch culinary school. I suggest one of the Top 10 Culinary Schools as you have seen listed in my blog as some of the most prestigious and with the most hands on training.
Financial aid is readily available to anyone who needs it, making a culinary degree a reality for everyone. The admissions counselors at the institution you choose can help you navigate the paperwork required and provide guidance on both financial aid and your course load.
To study the culinary arts, all it takes is you making the commitment and taking that first step. Good luck, and good learning—and good eating!

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Top 10 Culinary Schools In Europe

So far we have covered the best in the US and Canada but we haven't touched on Europe yet, so here it is. Hope this lists helps narrow it down in your search for a culinary arts education.

1. Menfi
Cookery writer Maxine Clark happily admits she loves Sicily more than any other part of Italy and it shows in the enthusiasm and wealth of local knowledge she brings to the courses she teaches in Menfi. Sicilian food is an earthy and exotic mix of European and Arab influences . Staples such as pizza and home-made pasta are also tackled, with Maxine exhorting her students to 'knead the dough from cellulite to a baby's bottom'.The week-long course takes place in the romantic setting of the eighteenth- century Villa Ravidá, the private home of a grand Sicilian family who now produce award-winning extra virgin olive oil. Early evening cocktails are served in the villa's elegant drawing room, which is decorated with faded frescoes and meals are eaten outdoors with unlimited supplies of Sicilian wine.

2. Finca Buen Vino
through Pata Negra cooking schools
Pata Negra are the cooking schools to go to in Spain. They run a whole tranche of courses featuring Sam and Sam of Moro fame to Michelin chef Luis Irizar, who holds his school at the northern Spanish town of San Sebastian.
However, I went high up in the mountains of Andalucia to the beautiful, comforting home - Finca Buen Vino - of Sam and Jeannie Chesterton, for their week-long cookery course. It all takes place in the Chestertons' house. You sleep there, eat there and cook there, round Jeannie's kitchen table. Included in the trip is a day out to Jerez to drink sherry and eat, and many trips into the local pretty towns. We went to a jamon festival but the finca also produced its own Serrano ham, chestnuts, olives and scented honey.

3. Le Marmiton
Avignon, France 
Right next to the Pope's palace in Avignon is the hotel La Mirande, an austere building in a quiet cobbled square. Throughout the year the hotel runs intimate cookery classes in their nineteenth-century kitchen, where noted local chefs pass on their tips to beginners and serious food appreciators. Le Marmiton (a chef's assistant) puts on morning, afternoon and evening classes for a maximum of 12 people. I was booked in to a morning class. The smell of the wood-burning stove filled the kitchen and around a table sat 12 local food fanatics salivating at the thought of being trained by Christian Etienne, a Michelin-starred Avignon chef. I was lucky to be in a class with Christian because, although he spoke no English and my French is less than perfect, his charisma communicated everything. Christian's speciality is tomatoes. He loves them, and our starter, main, and even our pudding included tomatoes (green ones, on a tart). Our task was mainly to watch and appreciate a master at work, but we all helped out (there was a lot of de-seeding to do). The meal was accompanied by fine wine and a chorus of 'Ooh la la' from all the particpants. It was one of the best meals of my life.

4. Vallicorte
Tuscany, Italy
This is exactly what you need from a course: a good group of people (the organisers try hard to match age groups, nationalities etc), a charismatic, enthusiastic instructor (the wonderful, dark-haired siren Ursula Ferrigno) and a pair of hosts who should be given their own television show (no one comes as amusing or as informative as John and Berenice Bonnallack). As soon as I got there it was as if I had reached paradise. The sun was shining, the garden was full and plentiful and Ursula could reach parts of you - cooking wise - that you didn't know could be reached. Most students stay in the ancient villa (fully modernised inside) and then gather at the former barn-turned- cookery school for a morning session, then lunch and a siesta, followed by an afternoon session. Ursula, being Ursula, does not stick rigidly to the recipe pack we were given. That is not how she cooks. 'Ooh,' she'll say, 'let's make rosemary and apple cake!' and off you go. I made pasta! I even learnt how to chop properly. But more than that, I learnt how easy it is to love Tuscany and wish to remain in its beautiful sun-dappled hills for the rest of your life armed with a good bottle of oil, some fresh tomatoes and a bottle of Vino Santo.

5. Gualtiero Marchesi's Gourmet Cookery School
L'Albereta, Italy
Marchesi is a three-star chef so, if you wish to learn from a master, then this is the right course for you. There is no way that you, I, or anybody - apart from Gordon Ramsay, Raymond Blanc, Marcus Wareing, Marco et al - could ever learn to cook to the standard of Marchesi's three-day course.This man produces food I can barely pronounce, let alone emulate. But that is not the point of the course. It is a lesson in which you look and learn but do not necessarily do it yourself. In the meantime, between watching the maestro and feeling depressed at your own incompetence, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of the hotel (a spa is opening soon) and drink copious amounts of their Bellavista 'bubbles'. Gualtiero is the consummate chef and he immerses you in the heart and soul of Italy. Included in the course are two guided tours of local vineyards, three nights, breakfast and lunch and three dinners.

6. L'Ecole de Cuisine
Bordeaux, France
L'Ecole de Cuisine is run from the bowels of one of France's most historic and celebrated restaurants, Le Chapon Fin. Owned by the Cazes family - proprietors of the Lynch-Bages wine estate - the cookery side is designed and overseen by Michelin two-star chef, Thierry Marx. Run in English and French, it is open to amateurs and professionals alike. A sommelier is on hand to demonstrate wine and food harmony, and the course concentrates on typical south-western cooking, with a bias towards Marx's terre et estuaire (land and estuary) cuisine. It takes place at Le Chapon Fin from Tuesday to Saturday. Lunch or dinner are included.

7. Cooking with Stavros
Symi, Greece
Stavros Gogios is chef and owner of Mythos, the best restaurant on the small Greek island of Symi which specialises in traditional medézhes (essentially a Greek version of tapas) with a modern twist. Persuaded to share his recipes by holiday company Laskarina, Stavros now runs week-long cooking demonstrations in his restaurant kitchen.
On the first morning of my week Stavros took us for a walk through the picturesque harbour town of Symi, introducing us to his father-in-law Yannis, who sells dried herbs gathered from the local hills, and then showing us the greengrocer, baker and butcher where he buys his fresh produce. He taught us how to make stifádho (beef stew with tomatoes and onions), spanokópitta (spinach and cheese pie) and baklava (a layered filo pie with honey and nuts) as well as the other, more experimental dishes he's become known for - feta mousse, squid in basil sauce and courgette parcels stuffed with mushrooms. 'I think that cooking is a bit of fantasy - a way of expressing yourself,' said Stavros as he filled everyone's glasses up again.

8. Casa Ombuto
Tuscany, Italy
High in the hills of the Casentino valley, 50km south of Florence is Casa Ombuto - an amazing house with a swimming pool and views to die for. Michele, interpreter and frontman, and his wife Carla, one of the most respected chefs in Tuscany run the inspiring seven- day cookery course, held in the cave-like cantina of the villa.
I tried everything from basic pasta-making to a delicous wild boar in tomato and herb dish. I had a day's excursion which ended in the most stunning restaurant for dinner, and a day free to view the surrounding wildlife or visit Florence. The other five days are for cooking, which starts at 3pm.This course suits those who are keen to learn with little experience to those established cooks looking to broaden their tastes and techniques.

9. Promenades Gourmandes with Paule Caillet
Paris, France
This is a non-residential cookery course designed to be slotted into a weekend, or long visit to Paris. You could just about do it on Eurostar for the day. It's a terrific way of discovering the food underbelly of the city, as the Cordon Bleu chef and guide, Paule Caillat, leads the class round markets, butchers, the kitchens at the Hotel de Crillo, truffle and herb shops. You then return to Caillat's kitchen in the Marais and cook up your shopping. Katie Lee

10. Refúgio da Vila
Portel, Alentejo, Portugal
'The richness of our food comes from the poverty of our people,' says Miguel Amaral, head chef at the elegant Refúgio da Vila hotel in Portel, in southern Portugal. The Alentejo is one of the most traditional and poorest regions of Portugal, a land of wheat fields and olive groves - two of the ingredients which form the basics of the region's cuisine along with herbs, rabbit, pork and eggs. As Miguel says, local recipes, such as coelho á carvoeiro (rabbit and tomato stew) have been improvised to turn staple foodstuffs into tasty meals. Polly Roger Brown

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A Review of Le Cordon Bleu

So out of my own curiosity of what others had to say about this prestigious school, I took it upon myself to do a little research and share with you what I came across. I believe like with any other major decision in your life you should really research and find out if the is truly what you want to do and if it's the right decision for you. With all that said let me now fill you in on the juicy findings.

I am sure everyone and his brother has heard about Le Cordon Bleu culinary school and how awesome this is school is suppose to be. But is it all its cracked up to be?

First let me answer the burning question I am sure all of you are thinking right now, how much is this going to cost me? You will be surprised to hear the answer as was I.
Average tuition: $24,541 of course this number will fluctuate depending on where you will plan on attending.  One student wrote and said "Everything needed to pursue my cooking is provided by my school. From uniforms to all cooking necessities." which lets be honest, should be provided. I mean if it's not, what's all that tuition money going towards, am I right? Anyways, more brownie points for Le Cordon Bleu. If you are looking for real life cooking situations then this is a great place to find yourself. Le Cordon Bleu has a restaurant that is ran by the students. If you are considering attending Le Cordon Bleu and you live near one of their restaurants or find yourself traveling close to one, you should stop by and have a bite to eat, check it out, see how the food is, and see how its ran. You will have a better idea of what to expect by doing so. When eating at one of the restaurants you can expect to pay around $20.00 for a three course meal. Not bad right?

Wondering some famous names that attended? Well, here goes the list.
Julia Childs attended in the late 1940's

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Getting On The Right Track To A Culinary Career

Along your journey through life you had a desire to be a chef of some sorts whether it is a pastry chef, head chef, sou chef, restaurant owner or manager, or maybe just to attain the knowledge to be the best cook, or maybe you just really love food but need to know how to create it yourself. Whatever your reasons are the only way to get to that point will be by attending a culinary school to get to be one of the best chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, Bobby Flay, Emeril Lagasse and Mario Batali to name just a couple, you will need to attend a top notch culinary school.

The greatest way to learn about food is by traveling to different countries and trying and seeing  the different variations and cooking methods of the particular countries food and by tasting the flavors of that countries food. If you don't have the opportunity to do that, you will learn a lot of great things by attending a top culinary school. Some of the best places to train to become a great chef can be found in France, Italy, Canada and the United States to name just a few.

When attending a culinary school you will learn knife techniques, food preparation, you will learn a lot about meat such as the cuts and proper cooking temperatures, cooking vocabulary, the attire you need to wear and why you need to wear the attire, you will learn the art and the science of preparing foods. While attending culinary school  you will learn all the necessary skills you need to help you succeed. Another great thing about culinary schools, and also a very important thing you will acquire while attending are the connections by networking with the right people.

If you have what it takes to stand the heat of the kitchen and not get burned along the way so to speak, you will definitely succeed in whatever direction you decide to take yourself in your culinary career, whether it's working at a top notch restaurant or bakery, owning your own restaurant or bakery, or maybe you just would like to make fabulous meals for your friends and family, whatever direction you take yourself in, with the right education at the right school you will surely do great.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Top 10 Culinary Schools

top 10 culinary schools,top culinary schools 

So you want to be a master at the art of food? Whether you want to become a sous-chef, head chef or a pastry chef, you will have to attend a culinary school of some sort. So we are going to look over the Top 10 Culinary Schools in the United States and Canada. You don't want to attend just any old school because you are setting out for success at being the best chef possible and you cannot do that without the proper training. Going to a top culinary schools will surely set you in the right direction. Becoming a chef is a career that will always have work available to you. Like being a doctor, nurse,or lawyer someone will always need a doctor, a doctor will always need a nurse, and in a lot of cases a patient will need a lawyer. Do you know what all these have in common? All of them need to eat at some point every single day. Why shouldn't it be you to provide them with your delightful dishes? If you don't get proper training from a good culinary school then your dishes may not be delightful and you more than likely won't have people coming back for more. 
So, let us now take a look at the top 10 culinary schools out there.

1. Culinary Institute of America - Hyde Park, New York
Landing in the number one spot for our Top 10 Culinary Schools in the Culinary Institute of America. 
Here you'll develop a broad base of knowledge, a confidence in your skills, and the fluency to move successfully into the career that's absolutely right for you.

2. The French Culinary Institute of New York City - New York City, New York
 Train with the best, you can start classes almost anytime you would like, you train at in one of the best cities in the world for cuisine, the classes are small in size which allows for more hands on and intense training, you can expect to graduate within 6-9 months, you will cook in a real restaurant, you will acquire some powerful connections, accredited.

3. Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute - Ottawa, Ontario 
Specializing in the French cuisine and offering short classes and evening demos you are sure to learn great things here. It was the first school to have opened outside of Paris, France in 1988. You will certainly get great recognition going to such a prestigious school.

4. Johnson & Wales University - Four Campuses to Choose From
Founded in 1914, Johnson & Wales University is a non-profit school offering four campuses around the United States. Class sizes are kept small, so you’ll learn one-on-one from accomplished chef-instructors in modern production kitchens.You will also learn integrated front-of-house curriculum, you’ll learn the practical and managerial skills to run your own food-related business.You will also have hands on training working in local hot spot restaurants. 

5. New England Culinary Institute - Montpelier, Vermont
At this school, restaurants are the class room. Students are expected to perform under real life working conditions. New England Culinary Institute will give you the hands-on experience you need and a professional degree to kick your career in the right direction toward success.

6. Le Cordon Bleu California Culinary Academy - Many locations to choose from
Train with professional chef instructors, managers, and other culinary professionals. You will use modern current equipment and techniques, and get a hands-on education from an accredited school designed to help you prepare for a professional career in the culinary field.

7. L'Academie de Cuisine - Gaithersburg, Maryland
Learn how to apply classic French techniques to world-wide cuisine from renowned professional chefs. Founded in 1976 by Francois Dionot. As a result of his culinary experience, Dionot became firmly convinced that simple technique and dedicated practice are the true keys to the success of kitchen professionals. L’Academie is divided into two schools: one for students pursuing a professional culinary or pastry arts career and one for recreational students who simply enjoy cooking and want to improve their culinary skills.

8. Tante Marie's Cooking School - San Francisco, California
Most of the classes offered are Participation Courses where you cook with the other students; and, a few are  Guest Chef Demonstrations where you watch the instructor do the cooking. In addition to offering Professional Courses for people wanting to begin a career in Culinary or Pastry, Tante Marie's welcomes interested avocational students in the Evening Series, Weekend Workshops, One-Day Workshops and Cooking Vacations. At Tante Marie's the students cook every day under the guidance of the Chef and taste the food they have prepared. The emphasis is on mastering the important techniques, understanding the theory, and learning how good food should taste. If you are looking for a school that has small classes so there is more one on one training involved then Tante Marie's is a great choice.

9. Kendall College - Chicago, Illinois 
Attain the real-world skills it takes to succeed in an exciting career in Culinary Arts, Baking and Pastry, Hospitality Management at Kendall College.  At Kendall College you could be on your way to earning an Associate or Bachelor degree or a certificate in Baking and Pastry, Professional Catering, Professional Personal Chef and Professional Cookery. You will also receive customized career counseling for your needs and learn the interviewing skills, job negotiation tactics, resume writing, and other skills to help after you have graduated.

10. George Brown Chef School - Toronto, Ontario
Our Top 10 Culinary Schools list ends with George Brown Chef School. You can work toward qualification at the apprentice, certificate, diploma, and post-diploma level. Special Culinary Connect certificates and workshops offer convenient opportunities for lifelong professional development. The Chef School also offers specialized industry certificate programs for those currently in the workforce seeking upgrading or further training. 85% of the graduates of George Brown Chef School were employed within 6 months of graduating the course. The Chef School focuses on creating the best cooks, chefs, bakers, and pastry chefs.

With all of these prestigious schools in mind there is something here for almost anyone's budget, location, desired class size, and these Top 10 Culinary Schools provide some of the best training to be found. 
I hope you found the information in this blog useful in your search towards a culinary education.


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